EM Literature/Group Talks/Courses

Web Based Electron Microscope Literature

Oxford Instruments Web-seminar on Large area SDD on TEM and STEM.
by Dr. Simon Burgess, Dr. Neil Rowlands, Prof. Ian Jones

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) : sample preparation guide

Electron Beams Lead the way (Materials Today Volume 12 – Electron Microscopy Special Issue)

Group Talks

Effect of Carbon on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-13Cr Alloy
by Dr Ming Chu (16.9 MB)

HAADF-STEM study of Pd-Au nanoparticles
by Mr. Trun Trung Dung (27 MB)

TEM with a drift dector
by Prof. Ian Jones

Electron Microscopy Course

The Electron Microscopy Course for Research Students

Lecture notes:




Please contact course coordinator Professor Ian Jones for details.


Basic User Manual for Tecnai F20
Personal notes by Dr. Yu-Lung Chiu

User Manual for JEOL 2100

Safety Information

Blank Chemical Record Sheet for chemical storage areas

Model COSHH risk assessment (originally from chemistry)

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