Kunle Oluwasegun

Research Interest: Characterisation of the Inertial Friction Welding of Nickel Base Superalloys, RR1000

Inertial friction welding (IFW) is a solid state welding process which is of particular interest for those alloys where the solidification of the conventional welding often causes microcracking, for example, IFW has been used on high gamma prime content superalloys, RR1000. However, the micro structural understanding of inertial weld performance is still far from complete. Therefore, my research work is proposed to systematically characterize the microstructure of the inertia welds produced at different welding parameters and /or different post welding heat treatment practice. This serves to explain the mechanical performance of the weld parameters and finally contributes to the optimization of the welding parameters. The major experiment technique will include SEM, FIB and TEM.


I am a young energetic man born on the 26th, April, 1976. I graduated from The Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria with a first class honor in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in August 2004.Immidiately after graduation; I proceeded to a year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), a scheme developed for young graduates to serving their nation (Nigeria). At the end of the NYSC in September, 2005, I started my Masters programme in Materials Engineering in ObafemiĀ  Awolowo University, Nigeria, and successfully finished with a distinction in December 2007. I was appointed as a graduate assistant in physical metallurg, in The Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University in the course of the Masters programme. This academic progress accorded me the opportunity to gain an admission for PhD in Materials and Metallurgy in University of Birmingham,United Kingdom in 2008.


Microstructural characterisation of inertia friction welded RR1000 superalloy


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