Trung Dung Tran


I finished my undergraduate studies at the National University of Vietnam (Hanoi) in 2004 with a BS in theoretical and mathematical physics. I worked on calculational thermodynamic parameters of impure fcc-crystals in X-ray Absorption Fine Structure theory and Lindemann’s melting theory applied for binary alloys. In 2007, I came to the University of Birmingham to pursuit a PhD program in nanoparticles at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials.



Trung worked on structures and properties of bimetallic nanoparticles with a special interest in core-shell configurations. Their work consisted of three components:

–       Chemical synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles.

–       Modelling of structures and calculation of properties using Genetic Algorithms and Density Functional Theory 

–       Characterization using Transmission Electron Micoscopy (TEM), including techniques such as: Hi-resolution TEM, High Angle Annular Dark Field, Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy, Electron Tomography. 



Gold-containing bimetallicnanoparticles



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