Winson Kuo

Research Interests:

 The newest Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets have superior magnetic properties than other magnetic materials at room temperature. Thus, they have become very popular in many applications, gradually replacing ferrite- and Sm-type magnets.

Nowadays, the Nd-Fe-B magnets are based on the hard Nd2Fe14B phase with  sintered magnets, a typical starting composition of Nd15Fe77B8 (at %), known as the “Neomax”. This composition is commonly used to develop new magnet processing technologies and to improve magnetic properties. Shifting the alloy composition closer to the Stoichiometric Nd11.8Fe82.3B5.9 phase in the material can increase the magnetic properties. However, this produces the conventionally cast stoichiometric type alloys that contains large amounts of freeα-Fe dendrites, dispersed in the Nd2Fe14B matrix phase. The free α-Fe is a soft magnetic phase and therefore has a deleterious effect on the permanent magnetic properties.  

This project will begin with a systematic investigation of the composition of conventional cast ingot. It will examine the mechanism of the alloys and the effect of ZrB2 on grain size and phase distribution. The ultimate goal of this project is to characterize the mechanism involved in removing the free α-Fe within ZrB2 –containing Nd-Fe-B alloys with Transmission Electron Microscopy 




University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

PhD Student in Metallurgy and Materials

Electron Microscope Group / Applied Alloy Chemistry Group

Concentration: Advanced magnetic materials using Electron Microscopy

The Study of Advanced Magnetic Materials using Electron Microscopy



National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan

M.S. in Material Science

Concentration: Thin Film Metallic Glasses

The Preparation and Characterization of Thin Film Metallic Glasses by RF sputtering



Changhua, Taiwan

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, minor in Industrial Design



Short-listed for the British Council’s International Student Awards with a Shine certificate, British Councul, UK


President of Taiwanese Society, University of Birmingham, UK

Research Interests:

–       The Charaterisation of NdFeB-based Alloys using X-ray Microanalysis

–       Processing and fabrication of semi-conductor materials and thin films

–       Mechanics of nanometer-scale structures, measurements of nanometer scale mechanical properties

–       Microanalysis of amorphous materials and thin film metallic glasses






10/2004- 07/2005

, ProMOS Technologies Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan

HSIP DRAM Integration Tech. Dept. Core memory tech. development Div.

07/2003- 10/2003

Associate researcher, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan


Associate researcher, Lite-On Technology Corporation, Keelung Taiwan

Participated in a quality assurance team for Lite-On Technology


Associate researcher, National Precision Device Program at Nation Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung Taiwan


Chief Research Coordinator, CFD Lab at Mechanical Engineering Department,Da-Yeh University, Changhua Taiwan

Academic / Teaching Experience:


Examiner / Moderator in Science, OCR Recognising Achievement, U.K.


Instructor, Private after-school program, Keelung, Taiwan


Private Science Tutor, Self-employed, Changhua, Taiwan


Instructor, Private after-school program, Changhua, Taiwan

Publications and Presentations:

J. P. Chu, C. T. Liu,T. Mahalingam, S. F. Wang, M. J. O’Keefe, B. Johnson, and C. H. Kuo “Annealing-induced full amorphization in a multicomponent metallic film”, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 69, 113410 (2004)

C. Y. Kevin Shieh, Szu-Wen Chu, C.H. Kuo

Presented the thesis project entitled “The Improvement of Low-Reynolds Number Turbulence Model in Compressible” at the Seventh Conference of CFD (2000.8)

Technical Skills

• SEM / EDX / WDX practical analyses

• X-ray diffraction analyses

• Sputtering Operation

• 2D, 3D Engineering Graphic (e.g., Corel Draw, Auto Cad, and Photoshop)

• Programming Language (e.g., Original, Delta Graph, Visual Basic 6.0, and Delphi 5)



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