Yau Yau Tse

Research interests:

Y. Y. Tse is interested in materials processing, characterisation and property evaluation. With a focus on materials characterisation using electron microscopy in exploring and explaining new phenomena on the structure-properties relationship in a theoretical basis in order to design materials with specific properties.

Currently involved project of biomaterials (Ti alloys and HA), nanoscaled thin films (YBCO, SrTiO3, LaCaMnO3), high temperature alloys (Ni alloys) and shape memory alloys (NiTi, NiTiCu) and dissimilar weld texture.


Y.Y. Tse obtained her PhD degree in Hong Kong and has been a research fellow in the nanotechnology field in France and UK respectively since 2002. She has been working intensively on electron microscopy and teaching characterisation techniques to dentistry students. She also serves on the RMS EM (Royal Microscopical Society Electron Microscopy) and MMUG (Midland Microanalysis Users’ Group) committees.


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