Research Projects

We have a wide range of research projects. A few examples are listed here below:

Processing and characterisation of advanced nanostructured materials
(Xinxin Zhao, Dr. Yu Lung Chiu, Professor Ian Jones)

Establishing the effect of composition on creep via the microstructure characterisation of different HP40 alloys
(Minshi Wang, Dr. Yu Lung Chiu, Professor Ian Jones)

Investigating the effect of introducing ceramic nano particles on the microstructure of magnesium alloys
(Gareth Douglas, Dr. Yu Lung Chiu, Professor Ian Jones)

Analysis of the microstructural and mechanical response of materials to shock loading. Primarily copper, titanium and tantalum
(Daniel Higgins, Professor Ian Jones, Dr. Yu Lung Chiu)


If you have interest in any specific project or would like to discuss other possible research topics, please feel free to contact us.

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